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Tips on Choosing a Waterless Cookware Set

Here is a video with tips on choosing the right waterless cookwares set for you and your family. You can go to CookWaresPlus to learn more.

A New Waterless Cookware Blog

The people over at the Waterless Cookware Blog have created a nice web site for discussion of not only various sorts of waterless cookware but also great recipes to try out. There is also a very nice article on cooking rice plus a good discussion on various types of rice and how they differ.  Be sure and check it out. Click on the link to get the details on RICE on the Waterless Cookware Blog .

Health Craft Waterless Cookware Review

Health Craft Inc is a Florida Company founded by the Charles Knight family in 1983, and is still going strong.  
The Knight family personally designed their cookware sets and have remained firm in their stance that the USA cookware - although more expensive - is made better than the less expensive waterless cookware made elsewhere.

There is no doubt that this cookware is very well made. Here are the important features:
  1. It is 5-ply throughout the pan, including all the way up the sides.  It is not just a slab on the bottom of ply layers.  This definitely means the most even heating you can get.
  2.  The lids are precision cut to fit the pots perfectly.  A feature important in getting a good steam seal for cooking the waterless way
  3. It is made of 20/10 series T304L surgical stainless steel with both Vanadium and Titanium as two of the 9 elements included in the 5-ply construction.  The outside is a 438 magnetic stainless steel. This means it can be used on any cooking surface, including induction stove tops.
  4. Health Craft also says clean-up is easy with a little hot soapy water and a good stainless steel cleaner. No excessive scrubbing is needed.
  5. There are no steam vents in the lid knobs. This is thought to be a cleaner method, since food cannot get trapped in the small vent.
The Promotional Set is a 7 piece set that includes a 1 qt saucepan with cover, 4 qt stockpot with cover, large saute skillet, and a 10 inch gourmet chef's skillet that can be inverted and placed as a cover over the saute skillet for stack cooking.

This is a great starter set, and most kitchens find the pot sizes fine.  Only the larger families might need some larger stockpot or saucepans.  These could always be added on later. We do recommend this set--it is very well made, and the price point is much lower than what you will find buying by direct sales, though still more than buying the waterless cookware made overseas.

You can find this cookware now for sale on the Health Craft website.


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Why A Waterless Cookware Blog?

Waterless Cookware is becoming more and more popular. It is known as the healthy way to cook, and getting all your needed vitamins is very much on the minds of moms and dads as they prepare meals for the family.  It's a known fact that in our modern world of fast foods most Americans don't get the required 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day.

Waterless cookware is a cooking method designed to preserve the vital nutrients in the foods you eat. Cooking foods in too much water tends to "boil out" these nutrients.  The need of oil and grease is also eliminated with by this cooking method.

The market is confusing with sets ranging from a few hundred to thousands of dollars. We plan to explore the various waterless cookwares available to the consumer to help you determine what is best for you.

Check back with this waterless cookware blog again to view the posts and comments.  Let us know if you have a particular subject about waterless cookware you want us to explore. Or post your experiences with your waterless cookware.  We would love to hear from you