Saladmaster Waterless Cookware Review

Saladmaster waterless cookware is probably the best known waterless cookware. Saladmaster is a Texas company that began manufacturing the 7-ply cookware in 1994. Prior to that time the company had the 5-ply surgical stainless steel type of cookware. Somewhere along the way it became a Regalware company.

You can only get a new Saladmaster brand cookware set through an authorized dealer—you’re apt to catch up to them in conventions, county fairs, or home demonstration parties. You’re not likely to find any new sets for sale either on the internet or in a brick and mortar store. A quick check on e-bay showed 62 items for sale, but all appeared to be used, including the one full set listed.

Saladmaster is one of the most expensive waterless cookware sets you can buy. They offer sets of different sizes but the big sets can cost more than $3000.

Saladmaster boasts they are the only company with the 316Ti surgical stainless steel used in their cookware. 316 surgical stainless steel differs from the 304 in that it has Molybdenum added, and may have a higher content of nickel. Ti stands for the small amounts of Titanium that’s also been added. It makes stainless steel more resistant to very high temperatures—like over 600 degrees centigrade. These are not temperatures you cook food with.

Molybdenum gives the stainless steel a better overall corrosion resistance in chloride environments. It may make a difference in harsh conditions (like marine environments), but hey we are cooking a chicken here, not sailing to Bermuda! To be fair, though, I would not suggest storing highly acidic foods in your pot in any case.

The difference between the 304 and the 316 stainless steel types is not visible in comparing the pans side-by-side. You can’t taste a difference or cook faster. But 316 stainless steel costs more to product, and the titanium adds even a little more cost.

Another feature of Saladmaster is called the Versa Loc handles. This makes them removable, interchangeable between short and long handles, and maybe easier to clean. They also have a “Vapo Valve” that begins to click when it’s time to turn the heat down to medium.

Saladmaster gives a lifetime guarantee, but on their warranty they do say the handles, knobs and cords (on the electric appliances) are guaranteed for only a year.

Saladmaster waterless cookware comes with a high price tag. The mark-up on these sets is a lot, mainly because of their method of marketing with home demos, etc. Is it worth the extra cost? I can’t decide that for you. But the difference between Saladmaster and lower cost sets may not enough to justify the cost differential in my opinion.


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  • 11/24/2008 1:03 PM Joe wrote:
    Does anyone know where I can find Saladmaster Waterless Cookware?
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    1. 11/24/2008 8:53 PM Waterless Cookware Reviews wrote:
      Go to and click on the contact us category at the top of the page.  They can help you find a dealer near you.  Saladmaster is not sold except by their company representatives.  Sometimes you can find used saladmaster cookware on ebay.  The company does not allow it to be sold over the internet.
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  • 10/17/2009 5:05 PM Nita wrote:
    wow - it is VERY expensive! so I am researching all waterless cookware to decide which is the best "value"..I posted under a different area that the Saladmaster rep did a home dinner demo & did a baking soda "pollution test" to show that chemicals leached out into all these over cookware but alas not the Saladmaster ( he tested 2 he brought, 1 saladmaster & my pretty new pampered chef DuPont nonstick piece) all the boiled water basically tasted like crap ( vinegar like, dirty, sour etc..) except the saladmaster one. I want to know if anyone else has seen this demo ? what is the "trick" if any? I have been in sales & I heard the slickest most exaggerated info ( " ie if you don't use this stuff you will basically die of cancer") I have ever heard..very emotional type selling. But having said that I just really want to know what is the best cookware for the "value" because I did like the way it cooked food fast, the taste of the food & how easily it cleaned up. I just need to find the "truth" in there . thanks!

    Hi Nita,

    Yes, the emotional selling techniques are designed to have you make an immediate decision--impulse buying.  Also it plays on guilt--"if I don't buy I'm a bad person and don't care for my family"--right?  You are right to research.

    Here is a link to a USA-made waterless cookware page that you can find on the internet.  It's rare to find, because you usually have to find it through a demo with big price mark-ups. 

    Here's the link 

    There are other sets from China under another page on the same site.  Just study all the sets and find what's right for you.  They are all stainless steel and are not going to leach "chemicals" into the food.  Just be sure you buy from a site that has good customer support.  That's important.

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    1. 10/18/2009 5:24 PM Nita wrote:
      thanks! -? what is the "truth" in that "pollution test" the rep performed ? He made it seem as if only 316Ti doesn't emit chemicals ?
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      1. 10/18/2009 11:25 PM Mary Binette wrote:
        316Ti added to the stainless steel makes the stainless steel more stable at extreme temperatures 550 - 800 degrees centigrade, temperatures at which you don't cook.  It may help your pans not to warp, but you are supposed to cook at lower heats with waterless cooking--start with medium heat and when the vapor seal forms, turn it to low heat.

        Stainless steel in a nonporous substance, so it is not going to "leak" chemicals with or without titanium.

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        1. 6/20/2012 10:58 AM Glenda Thomas wrote:
          To Nita,
          Mary gave a great explanation. I had a dinner demonstration in my home and as a participant in the baking soda water pot test, I was sold. I use Saladmaster daily and I am thrilled to be able to save on energy (with stovetop cooking) and investing in my health, at the same time?
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      2. 6/28/2012 5:37 PM S Jaffe wrote:
        I work for a company that fabricates carbon steel and stainless steel piping systems for food processing plants, water treatment plants and industrial users. My job is to help with selecting the best (most cost-effective) materials for our customer's specific applications.
        Unless you're running a meat packing plant next to the ocean (and they all use 316), any of these grades of stainless will work just fine. (meaning 302 and 304 steel)
        As for the SaladMaster demo, it's a trick. When the nice SaladMaster salespeople boil water in your pots and pans, you're comparing the results against the brand new, never-been-used SaladMaster pots they brought with and unwrapped in front of you. Your pots and pans have millions of microscopic surface cracks that may trap equally microscopic food particles. That's what you taste -- the boiling water and baking soda leaches out some of the food particles, causing the yucky taste. The brand new SaladMaster pots have never been used, so no food in THEIR microscopic cracks, so no taste.
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        1. 9/7/2012 1:31 AM chris wrote:
          You are wrong about the pot test, most of the SalasMaster reps use there personal cookware set, if they are not owners yet then they barrow from there dealer. SalasMaster shouldn't be used until it is washed throughly with vinegar and hot soapy water. I can't think of one dealer that would send brand new cookware out to a dinner show, can you?That just makes no sense.
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        2. 9/10/2012 5:21 PM John wrote:
          I hate say but you are wrong about the demo. It is not a trick! Nor do they open up a brand new pan that has never been cooked in. You should get your facts straight before posting.
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        3. 10/5/2012 2:06 PM Andrea wrote:
          not true AT ALL. saladmaster Demo sets are used over and over again. How could we possible stay viable if every demo was done from a brand new set? Think about it.
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          1. 10/5/2012 4:14 PM Admin wrote:
            I too think Saladmaster is a very good cookware set.  It contains Titanium, but certainly is not made of titanium. I think we have said enough about the subject. Seems the comments of some sure stirred up a discussion.
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          2. 8/31/2013 5:23 AM Mild acid wrote:
            I think they use a mild acid cleaner made by them. I wonder if this can explain the "trick" if it is indeed a trick.
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  • 10/20/2009 9:23 AM James wrote:
    thanks for this blog!!!
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  • 3/15/2010 8:17 AM Jeannie wrote:
    I bought a set of Saladmaster cookware back in 1968 before getting married. It still looks and performs great. I have had to replace a handle or two, but that's no big deal.
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    1. 5/8/2010 5:51 PM Lynda wrote:
      I inherited a set of saladmaster from my mother and it was around the sixtiesthat she bought it. Can anyone tell me how to get a set of instructions on how to use it and maybe cooking times of food cooked in them?
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      1. 5/10/2010 11:44 AM Admin wrote:
        Go to this link:

        It is the Saladmaster web site, and click on the contact us button. You may be able to have them send you information or direct you to the right place.
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    2. 11/16/2010 11:02 AM Betsy wrote:
      i too purchased in 1971 and looking for a screw for a handle. this is the only thing missing and i will be handing the set down to my daughter soon. i will look on the website for replacement parts but do you have one that you are satisfied with?
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      1. 11/16/2010 4:13 PM Admin wrote:
        If you are looking for replacement parts for Saladmaster cookware, here's the phone number for them.  You need to call and talk to their customer service. Call 1-800-765-5795
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  • 1/29/2011 12:11 PM Mobile Analytics wrote:
    I'm guessing that when a set of this cookware is for sale on eBay that it is 1. used; 2. being sold by the surviving spouse of a great cook; and 3. probably sells for less than retail.
    Saladmaster Waterless Cookware sounds like a great product that is, nevertheless, overpriced. But I guess it's whatever the market will bear . . . right?
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    1. 1/31/2011 1:32 PM Admin wrote:
      Most items on ebay are used. Once in a while you will see a new item, usually not in the original box.  But the price is still very high for these new item. 

      Saladmaster cookware is good, and USA made, but carries a high price.  Some of the big sets on ebay right now with a lower price look very used.
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  • 5/30/2011 2:36 PM fundraising ideas wrote:
    i found a youtube video that has this publish information almost word for word. is it your video?
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    1. 6/13/2011 9:56 PM Admin wrote:
      Yes, the video on this web site is the same one we posted on You Tube.
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  • 6/10/2011 8:46 AM uncedeFlooche wrote:
    Excellent read, I just passed this onto a colleague who was doing a little research on this topic.
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  • 8/17/2011 10:17 PM eppie plank wrote:
    I love my salad master cooking ware,I know is expensive ,but if u think about ur health,time n taste of ur cooking is worth it.
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  • 9/29/2011 11:55 PM MasterCook wrote:
    Saladmaster Ti 316 Titanium/Stainless Steel Cookware —

    Way over priced, you can buy similar products for 1/3 of the price. I just bought a set from nutriply which is even better than saladmaster. Saladmaster team is not telling the truth, they have to lie to their customers to get a set sold by telling that 316 Ti is patented, this is a lie, you can’t patent a grade of metal, it is like if someone claims they have patented 14 K gold. Saladmaster is being dishonest to their own customer.
    Doesn't Stick

    They did a demo in my house and the food sticks to the bottom of the cookware. this is showing that the cookware design is not what they promise.
    Heat Distribution

    They don’t even understand the physic of evenly heat distribution. This is a lie too by telling the people that saladmaster sets are evenly distributing the heat because the bottom and the sides are the same thickness. There is no way for the heat to be distributed evenly because the heat on a stove top is coming from the bottom and not from the sides. This statement is ONLY correct if you use the cookware in the oven. I am just sorry for the people working for saladmaster, they have been brainwashed and trained to sell the lies.
    Ease of Handling

    They claim to have the best cookware on the market. This is a lie. The removable handles are horrible because there are cases where people burned them self. just imagine you are cooking a HOT SOUP, and your handles don’t click 100%, so you pick up the hot cookware from the stove top and what happens next ??? Please don’t have your children near the stove if you are using saladmaster sets.
    Ease of Cleaning

    Well if the food doesnt stick it is easy to clean but 80% of the time food sticks

    Nice and shiny for the first 1 or 2 uses. There is no design, just an overpriced cookware

    The bottom of saladmaster cookware turn blue if you use a little bid more heat. of course it is recommended to use medium to low heat for the nutrition, but be honest to your self, we expect a +$5000 cookware to handle a little more heat than just a medium to low heat.
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    1. 9/30/2011 2:20 PM Admin wrote:
      I can't comment on what the Saladmaster Demonstration told the audience.

      I did follow the link to Nutriply but found no pricing for their sets.  They are another direct sales company that restricts any online selling. Since they are USA made the sets are probably pricey, but I don't know what the price range is. Health Craft is also USA made but can be purchased via the internet. CookwaresPlus sells them
      I do have a couple of comments about food sticking and cleaning after use for any stainless steel pan.
      1.  Heat the pan before putting in the ingredients. It tends to stick less.
      2. Always start with about medium heat, never high.  Foods tend to stick more if the heat is too high.
      3. After removing the food from the pan, put some hot water in the pan before it cools and let it sit for a while. It should clean right up.
      4. Use a good stainless steel cleaner (like Bar Keeper's Friend) to clean the pan and it does help take away the "blue" tinge stainless steel pans tend to get.

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    2. 11/9/2011 11:34 AM Alex_H wrote:
      Nutriply looks like very good quality thanks for the suggestion. However the promo that the Saladmaster salesman had ended up being the exact same price as Nutriply and I don't have to ship.
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      1. 2/3/2012 2:16 AM Karine G. wrote:
        i got my Nutriplt complete set 316 Ti - Mo Surgical Stainless steel cooking system and was amazed with the quality of the cookware. nutriply is really the most advanced cooking system but doesn't cost you $6500 like saladmaster. the nutriply complet set is only $2695 which comes with the big electric skillet. i really love my cookware. there think body and the mirror finish looks really good on my stove. i contacted nutriply and registered on their site within 24 hours i got a call, they explained everything to me over the phone and helped me with the financing, the complete set is only $83 per month. i love it. thank you
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        1. 6/3/2012 11:03 AM melissa wrote:
          So after reading these reviews and searching for the most nontoxic, and healthiest cookware to use here is what I found. Nutriply first and foremost is not made in the United States. It states it is finished in the United States which means its probably was just polished in the United States. Being made in the United States is important to me for a few reasons. One, to give back to the US Economy. Two, other foreign countries do not have to have the standards of nontoxic Materials made here in the US. Also Nutriply does not state what percentage of their cookware is made of 316ti which could mean the handles are made of it but everything is not. Also there patented valve is a whistle and they state it activates at 187 to 200 degrees. If you research how a whistle is activated you will find its by steam. Which is activated at 232 degrees. So this means you are killing all the vitamins and nutrients if they are heat sensitive and not supposed to be cooked over 200 degrees. This concerns me that he company is being dishonest with their marketing. So I then reviewed Saladmaster and found the following. It is made and manufactured in Wisconsin. So 100 percent American made. It is made of 100 percent 316ti. They have a vapo valve activated at 183 to 187 degrees which is well under 200 degrees. Nothing activated by steam. They have detachable handles which are specially made to be cool to the touch and removable. They are backed by several well known doctors. They hold cooking classes and health events. So as a non bias researcher I will have to give this to Saladmaster. I've read reviews stating that Saladmaster is overpriced. Both NUTRIPLY & Saladmaster offer lifetime warranties but I tend to believe Saladmaster being as they have been around for 66 years and companies come and go. So as my grandmother once said you get what you pay for. Cheaper doesn't mean better. I saw a demo last night and researched the baking soda test. Being a bio chemist this is the most basic science experiment showing what happens when you cook with acidic foods. Baking soda is an absorbant and acts like the natural salt that is in our food. It clearly shows that Saladmaster is nontoxic and non reactive. I ask before anyone purchases or knocks and product you do the proper research and not follow anyone elses Bias opinion. So for my kids, my husband and my family we made the investment in Saladmaster. It was a no brainer after what we researched and found. I am not a Saladmaster rep. I am now a happy owner and informed consumer.
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          1. 6/5/2012 11:01 AM Admin wrote:
            Glad you like your Saladmaster set, it is certainly a good set and guaranteed for life.
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            1. 6/5/2012 12:21 PM Rene wrote:
              @ melissa, i had a saladmaster presentation and a nutriply presentation. I dont know where you got your knowledge from but this looks like you are connected to saladmaster somehow. Where did you see the whistle valve on nutriply? My nutriply set that I bought doesn’t have anything whistling on it. You may want to research more before writing a review. Saladmaster set is 316 inside but the outside is a magnetic metal (400 series) which is not surgical steel, but nutriply is 100% inside and outside surgical stainless steel. If you would do a flour test in the saldmaster pots you will see that they don’t have a evenly heat distribution as they say. But do the same test in Nutriply and you will see that nutriply doesn’t have any hot spots which means that in nutriply you have 100% evenly heat distribution. Just put some flour inside and put it on medium heat, after couple of minutes you will see the hot spots in saladmaster. As you know saladmaster is not existing as a company anymore because of their lawsuits regarding the detachable handles and other problems they had, they dissolved their company in 2011, so again do your research before writing a review and saying that saladmaster has been around for 66 years, the 316 surgical steel is new and saladmaster 316 was made in 2008. The problem is the way the reps represent saladmaster so they can sell a set to make money with commissions. If you buy saladmaster you are the one paying for 8 different levels of commissions it doesn’t mean because it is expensive it is a better quality, I believe in your grandma but those times are over where you would pay a higher price for a better quality. We are now in 21 century and the global trade is a standard for all business. If you would do a little research you would find that saladmaster is made by regalware and realdware is the manufacturer for couple of different cookwares, they are made in china as well as made in US so you are supporting a company that is also manufacturing their stuff in china. Again you would be able to see that regalware is also manufacturing non stick cookwares and aluminum cookwares, how could you trust a company that is manufacturing non stick and selling it to the public but on the other hand they say non stick will kill you and is linked to cancers. So please do a little more research before writing a review. I hope you like your saladmaster set even after you do the flour test.
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              1. 6/13/2012 3:10 PM Admin wrote:
                A few things should be cleared up.
                1. I don't know of a good waterless cookware set that does not have an inner and outer layer of stainless steel of surgical quality. Some have more titanium that is supposed to help  with corrosion, though there is very little evidence of corrosion in the 304 stainless steel. It is hard, smooth and you would have to cook in very high salt contents every day for corrosion to occur.
                2. Many stainless steel compositions add elements to make them magnetic and induction ready.  Cooking on the induction burners saves energy and is very fast. I find one of the advantages is also the ability to go from the medium heat to lower heat very quickly. Gas does this, but electric heat does not. In short, having a magnetic quality in the steel does not make it inferior.
                3. Saladmaster is a company that has been around since the late 40's, but became a subsidiary of Regalware sometime in the 70's (according to their own customer service unit). It has not gone out of business and is still very much a viable company. They do all their sales through direct marketing.  It is true their sets are very expensive, but it's a good quality set nonetheless.
                4. I don't think Nutriply has a steam control knob.  Some people like this better and claim it's "cleaner" as nothing gets into the steam control knob. I personally have never had that particular problem with the steam control knobs. I do know that even if there is no steam control knob, I know when to turn down the heat, as the cover will begin to "chatter" and can easily be spun when the steam build up.

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              2. 6/20/2012 12:04 PM being igraac wrote:
                There are several untruths in this post:
                1. Saladmaster is not dissolved or out of business. I just got my Saladmaster cookware and I enjoy it daily!
                There are dealers who have been in business for over 20 years. Happycookingco is one.

                Nutriply is a copy of the original Saladmaster.

                Saladmaster of 2012 is made of 316Ti
                Stainless Steel!

                It does not mean it's better quality if it's CHEAP either. What matters is the facts.

                Saladmaster is made in America!

                Saladmaster contracted with Regal to manufacture their concept.

                Do a little more research before writing a review.

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    3. 6/20/2012 11:08 AM Glenda Thomas wrote:
      There are many misconceptions you have written but I want to take time to reply to the mention that you expect the Saladmaster Cookware "to handle a little more heat than just a medium to low heat."

      The heat is not started on medium because of the pot, it is so that fresh vegetables can retain as many nutrients.
      Food loses nutrients at high heat. I noticed that when I cook spinach in Saladmaster the leaf is full and green. In the traditional pans it always shriveled up. The goal in eating is to get nutrition so our bodies will function as they were made to. Saladmaster allows the FOOD to get done in a way that retains more nutrients - lower heat. Also when the Vapo-valve clicks the next step is to turn the burner to low to preserve as much nutrition as possible.
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  • 10/31/2011 1:27 AM kurtis wrote:
    hi,i was in the market for a new set of nice cookwares so I've been reading all the blogs and visiting all the sites people recommended, and i did visit Nutriply and they did a dinner presentation at my house for me and my guests and i have to say it was pretty amazing, so we ended up buying the complete set for a pretty reasonable price and and i couldn't be happier with it and my wife loves it and doesn't stop bragging about it. so just wanted to say thank you for introducing Nutriply to us.
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    1. 7/10/2012 8:33 AM farida wrote:
      how much did you pay for the set, i have purchased saladmaster set on finance but i am having second thoughts about it, i have 12 days tocancel
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      1. 7/10/2012 11:15 AM Admin wrote:
        You have to weigh the pros and cons of buying a saladmaster set.  No doubt it is an excellent product that will last you a lifetime.  The company has been around a long time, and will be there to support you in the future as well. You probably will not ever have to buy another waterless cookware set if you take good care of it.

        The down side is the expense.  It's very expensive cookware and there are cheaper waterless cookware alternatives available.  They may not all have the same warranty however, and that may be an issue with you. You are paying a premium for the face-to-face sales. I think you will have to decide for yourself based on your family and financial situation whether it is a good buy.

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  • 11/29/2011 1:58 AM Debbie wrote:
    I bought my salad master 22 years ago. I absolutely love it, other than the handles and it is the only household item I still have after 22 years. It still works great and looks great. I am thinking about trading it for a new bigger set. Also love the bakeware! The investment was worth it.
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  • 3/26/2012 8:47 PM Anait wrote:
    What is the difference between Saladmaster, Nutryply and Classica Gold?
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    1. 5/28/2012 4:13 PM Grace wrote:
      I did major research on everything out there for surgical steel and titanium because so many of my friends have Saladmaster but I didn't want to pay that much. There is no doubt anymore that the other companies, nutriply etc is not as good as saladmaster. They have slab bottoms and the handles don't come off which excites me. I guess since everyone I know loves Saladmaster I should trust that. the soda test does make sense too. I read a lot about metals going into bodies and what it causes and my cousin had to have a 'detox' done to get metals out of her body to stop being so tired. Only the surgical-titanium steel is nonporous so that is also important to me. The free cooking schools my friends went to were helpful so I guess you do get what you pay for. It has a lot of endorsements too. I know that food doesn't shrink so that helps with the cost of it. I guess there is lots of products out there but for the difference in cost between the different companies, spread it out over my lifetime... i am going to stick with Saladmaster because I trust it the most.
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      1. 6/5/2012 12:42 PM Rene wrote:
        What is the problem with the slab bottoms? my set from nutriply has the thicker bottom because they will 100% distribute the heat evenly which is not possible with saladmaster, but if you research you will find that saladmaster as a brand doesnt have the slab bottom but the manufacturer from saladmaster "regalware" is now manufacturing other brands with the same slab bottom as nutriply has because it has been proven that the heat is 100% evenly distributed so you are cooking without hotspots. Please do your research and dont just say i trust saladmaster because all my friends love saladmaster. you end up paying more money because of their commission level system and not because the cookware is a better quality than nutriply. these days we dont need to pay different level of commissions to people coming to our house and doing a dinner show and making us believe that saladmaster is a better quality and thats why they are overpriced, these days we have the power of internet and social media where you can do your research and inform your self. i would not trust saladmaster because they are selling their sets on ebay for 50% off and the sellers on ebay are saladmaster dealers that are despaired to sell a set because they couldnt convince people in their homes to pay for over priced cookware. So if you put 1+1 together and are smart a little you will save money.
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        1. 8/31/2012 11:29 AM Larry wrote:
          I think it's just a matter of preference on what's really giving you the best quality for your money. Regalware may not give you a good reputation for being the manufacturer of this quality cookware but always remember when you buy a car per say Toyota, they manufacture cars from affordable to the most expensive one. Do all their cars made the same? No but does this manufacturer becomes inferior because they make affordable cars. Button line if you believe nutriply will give you quality cooking for less money then stick to it but if you think saladmaster even though its expensive and you can afford because you not only want top of the line cookware that gives you also quality cooking then get it. After all these are all marketing strategies to sell their products.
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          1. 9/1/2012 8:31 AM Admin wrote:
            I agree that there is a lot of good waterless cookware out there in all different price ranges. We can all agree on that, so now we can get back to educating each other about other aspects of waterless cooking.

            I for one do not have a whole set of anything.  Because we are in the business of selling cookware I have a pot of this and a pot of that.  I would like to try out all different models but haven't gotten quite that far yet.  Can't say at this point I have a favorite--they all work.

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      2. 6/11/2012 2:25 PM Jonathan wrote:
        Cutco cookware is something a lot of people don't know about but it is the same quality as salad master for a cheaper price. Plus the guarantee is better, lifetime and 1yr for the handles means nothing compared to their forever guarantee. Their complete cookware set is only $2,100 compared to over $3k for saladmaster. I am a representative for Cutco so of course I'm biased but check it out at
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        1. 6/13/2012 3:38 PM Admin wrote:
          I would have to compare the brand, model, size of cookware set and price to get a valid comparison
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        2. 6/21/2012 2:36 PM glance purprM wrote:
          Stainless steel and 316Ti stainless steel are not the same.
          Here is a link to a manufacturer of stainless steel. This link explains the difference.

          The difference between 304 and 316Ti/
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          1. 7/5/2012 8:36 AM Admin wrote:
            I read the article.  I can't think of any cooking conditions where I would need the higher priced steel.  Actually, it makes the point.
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  • 8/24/2012 12:22 AM Ruth M wrote:
    I had a saladmaster presentation in my house to upgrade my set. I had a saladmaster set before but when i got a problem with 1 of my pots i called the dealer and she said i need to contact saladmaster directly. She was acting like she doesn’t even know me. When i called saladmaster, they didnt accept my claim because they said the blue and black (and rainbow) color are normal on the 400 series outside. which was not told at their presentation. So i am stuck with some ugly saladmaster pots and pans. I found with 316 titanium stainless steel cookware and called them. They took the time to educate me over the phone about nutriply cookware.
    I am tired of saladmaster reps saying "we are supporting US Workers and have US Product" where they all drive Japanese cars or Mercedes and BMW from Germany and have Iphones in their pockets. Nutriply even cover the handles and the knobs with their lifetime warranty. They are very friendly and will not chase you to buy a set. If you buy from their 316 Titanium Stainless Steel Cookware you are buying it directly from the headquarters and not from some sales rep running from house to house to make commission. I just feel sorry for the reps because they are working really hard.
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    1. 9/12/2012 10:52 PM dave wrote:
      This is pretty interesting for sure. for ALL your information, I have been in the cookware business for over 20 years.Saladmaster is a good product, I use some of it. It is NOT made of 100% titanium. Do your research, the cost would be over 10 X more if this were the case.Titanium is recognized for it's weight difference and is much more brittle than steel.It is a marketing ploy only. The high prices are a result of huge commissions paid to the dealers of these home demonstration company's. upwards of over 3000.00 on a 5000.00 cookware set. Slab bottom cookwares provide much better heat distribution that the so called 7 plys. I have used every kind of cookware out there. You can produce the same results with the less expensive brands. On the other hand you must remember that there is a difference in the materials used in the USA and from China. Next to German steel the American steel is of higher quality than Chinese steel. If you really want to know what the most advanced quality cookware is in the world that uses the best materials it is made in Germany and is called AMC. Out of all the brands I have used and inspected it is far superior to anything out there. But once again, you can get there in a chevy u don't need a BMW
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  • 8/27/2013 11:03 AM Isabel wrote:
    I just attended a Saladmaster presentation dinner, so I got curious and have been doing online research for the last 4 hours. The only thing that is still a mistery to me is their "VapoValve". They claim it activates before the steaming point, so what exactly sets it off? Has anyone found that out?
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    1. 9/26/2013 4:31 PM Admin wrote:
      Don't know for sure, but there has to be enough steam in the pot to cause it to sound.
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    2. 10/11/2013 7:12 PM Melissa Armstrong wrote:
      I was at a dinner with my father a couple years back and he is a civil engineer. He places one of the temperature guns at the saladmaster pot and it was well under the 200 mark. The vapo valve takes the heat from the inside of the pan and activates at what I believe to be 183 degrees. the lids vacuum seal down because of the lip on the outside. We purchased at set 7 years ago and I absolutely love it.
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  • 11/2/2013 7:15 PM Lisa wrote:
    I have interest to purchase surgical stainless steel cookware. Can someone do the soda test on Nutriply cookware? Is the result same as Saladmaster cookware (no chemical leaching)? Thanks.
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    1. 11/3/2013 8:54 AM Admin wrote:
      Nutriply cookware is supposed to have Titanium in it just like saladmaster. There should be no difference.
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      1. 11/4/2013 3:57 AM Lisa wrote:
        As a consumer,how do we know Saladmaster and Nutriply's are using stainless steel with Titanium (316ti)? or they are just using 316 without Titanium? Should we just believe what they are claiming for?
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        1. 11/19/2013 5:31 PM Admin wrote:
          To me it doesn't matter anyway. I never cook food at 500 degrees, and the point of titanium in cookware is more of a marketing differentiation than a real advantage. We have posted on this subject several times in the past as to whether titanium is really worth the extra expense.
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  • 11/3/2013 9:04 AM steve smith wrote:
    Nutriply is not made of titanium. I am a Saladmaster owner and did some digging because I to was interested but saw nutriply. My Saladmaster rep was more than happy to send me a legal letter against nutriply to cease claiming it had titanium as
    Test have shown it has no titanium or even 316. I did further research to find this was accurate. Saladmaster is expensive. But you get what you pay for and me and my wife couldn't be happier. Plus we love that Saladmaster has been around for 67 years and I get the lifetime warranty. I hope this honest assessment helps from a loyal Saladmaster customer.
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