Vapo-Seal Waterless Cookware Review

This article is a Vapo-Seal Waterless Cookware review.   Vapo-Seal is a company out of Harrisonburg, Virginia and is a division of Royal Kitchen Products. According to the company this cookware is manufactured by one of the largest manufacturers of housewares in the world, and has at least 50 years of manufacturing experience.

Sometimes when doing research for these various types of cookware it can be a little tricky finding out who exactly owns the company. This one I did find, however. 

With Vapo-Seal waterless cookware there are a couple of differences.  The lids are different because there is no steam valve to close. Vapo-Seal states the valves on competing waterless cookware models can be hard to clean and therefore trap and hold bacteria. I'm not sure how true this is, since during any cooking process the heat should kill any bacteria. In any case, when enough steam is built up inside you can see it escape a little between the lid and the pot. That tells you it’s time to turn down the heat to low.

It is waterless, and has a heavy 7-ply base. The outermost layers are T304 with Titanium surgical stainless steel and with inner layers of A/L alloy bonding and aluminum for fast, even heat transfer. In order to be a good waterless cookware set there has to be at least 5 layers, this has 7.

I’m impressed with their warranty that clearly states it is a lifetime warranty, and I can’t see any hedging on the handles and knobs either.

Price on the 17 piece set is very good—a little more than the Maxam waterless cookware sets—they tend to run $550 range, give or take a little depending on specials on the internet. The set is often sold at home demonstration parties and retails for $1600, still less than the $3000 price for the Saladmaster sets.

Vapo-Seal touts being the “heaviest” 7-ply stackable pans. They are sturdy, nice pans, a nice buy. It’s easy to find an 800 number for customer service for this company, a consideration if you need any replacement parts.


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  • 7/2/2009 3:12 PM jessica wrote:
    The very fact that this product is made in USA is a big plus for me. I see many expensive S.S. cookware that are manufacured in China and that is a big NO, NO for me.
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    1. 10/20/2011 12:15 PM ron wrote:
      They lied. The set is made in China. It even says so on the web site. You have to look hard. Goto the bottom of this page;
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      1. 11/2/2011 1:15 PM Admin wrote:
        Yes, the final product was Made in China, but it was designed here is the USA.

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        1. 11/7/2012 8:03 PM jake wrote:
          its made in usa
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          1. 11/8/2012 11:17 AM Admin wrote:
            Vapo-Seal Cookwares is not made in the USA.  It is made in China.  

            This is clearly disclosed on Vapo-Seal's Q&A page.
            Click on the question where was the cookware made.

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  • 8/25/2009 5:51 PM Donald J Tenbusch wrote:
    What is the diofferance in your Cookware and New Era cookware?


    The New Era Waterless cookware is 7 Ply, waterless cookware that is sold only by direct sales and cannot be bought at the store or on the internet.  It can be used on all cooking surfaces, including induction.  Because it is sold direct and manufactured in the US the price is a lot higher than the Maxam and Chef's Secret brands. 

    The KT-17 Ultra brand is very comparable, with a 7-ply structure and composition with T-304 stainless steel, but for at least $1000 less than the New Era sets.  The New Era web site is sparse in information about the company, so I may be short on details about this particular brand.


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  • 9/13/2009 10:28 PM judi wrote:
    Does the KT17 Ultra brand work with induction cook tops?


    Both the KT17 and KT 17 Ultra are induction ready

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  • 11/15/2009 7:29 AM Penny wrote:
    What is the best waterless cookware sold in stores or online?

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    1. 11/16/2009 5:24 PM Mary Binette wrote:
      It's not easy to find waterless cookware in stores. It's usually sold either online, or through demonstrations you see at different cooking shows or county/state fairs in the summer.

      As to which is best--that's a hard question to answer. It depends on how many pieces you want to purchase, whether or not you intend to cook with it exclusively, and how big your family is.  One of the finest is the Health Craft USA made 5 ply cookware. Not all the sets are available online, but if you are looking for a good basic set at a reasonable price, you can check out the Promotional Set online. It's actually on sale right now in time for Christmas.

      USA made sets are more expensive, one reason is they have the 5 ply throughout the pot, up the sides as well.  This makes for very fast, even heating and the best method for stack cooking.  It doesn't just have the 5 or 7 ply plate on the bottom of the pan.  If you want to get started with a set Health Craft a good one, you can always add another pot or two later if you think you need more pieces.

      For the price, either the Vaposeal or the Maxam KT17 Ultra set is very good.  This latter set has the steam control (open-close) knob, is 7 ply on the bottom plate, and can be used on any surface, including induction cooktops. These two sets are not USA made. To some people that makes a difference, but the price differential is pretty wide between the USA and the China-made cookware.

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  • 12/20/2009 10:36 AM Stephanie wrote:
    I have had these pots for at least 10 years now and love them. For me the best thing about them is the easy cleanup. I have a tendency to burn and with alittle soaking overnight it cleans right up in the morning.
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    1. 12/21/2009 2:28 PM Admin wrote:
      Everyone's stove is different, but with the waterless method it's best to start with medium heat and turn down to low as soon as the steam control begins to whistle, or the lid spins easily (if you have the type with not steam control valve). That way there is less tendency to burn anything.  The pot will also clean up well with a good stainless steel cleaner.

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  • 1/13/2010 5:05 PM Jan Ellis wrote:
    Is the Vapo-seal cookware 7 ply up the sides or just on the bottom? If just on the bottom, what is the breakdown of the constuction of the sides?
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    1. 1/25/2010 12:43 PM Admin wrote:
      The Vaposeal has a plate on the bottom that is 7 ply.  The sides are not 7 ply. but have an inner and outer layer of stainless steel and inner layers of an aluminum alloy and carbon steel.  I am still trying to find out how may ply is up the sides, but have not found any pictures for this particular set.  I know the construction is similar to the KT-17 Ultra, BUT it is not conduction ready.

      I will post any further information I can get.

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      1. 1/19/2013 3:17 PM Ken wrote:
        Here is a reply from a question asked to Vapo-Seal:
        How is your cookware compared to royal prestige cookware?
        It is very similar to the royal prestige. It is constructed with T304 stainless steel on the inside and outside sidewalls with magnetic steel on the very bottom similar to the Royal Prestige brand. Royal Prestige may be even plies throughout where as ours is 7PLY on the bottom and 3PLY on the sidewall. Vapo-Seal middle layers are aluminum for even heat conduction like the Royal Prestige. And last, the lids seal to the pan holding all the heat and moisture in so it will cook waterless and greaseless. Thank you for your interest.

        Also new Vapo-Seal is INDUCTION READY.
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  • 1/25/2010 7:17 AM Raj Bansi wrote:
    Apart from KT17 and KT17 ULTRA, what are the other sets which can support induction cook tops?
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    1. 1/25/2010 12:48 PM Admin wrote:
      The USA made cookwares, such as HealthCraft,  Saladmaster, or Americraft Cookware are induction ready.  I am not sure that any other foreign made sets can be used on an induction cooktop.

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  • 8/25/2010 7:38 PM promozione sito web wrote:
    Few times in my life I have seen something great as this content
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  • 10/22/2010 10:25 AM Susan wrote:
    Which is a better construction: Amway Queen Cookware or Vapo-Seal Waterless? Is the Amway Queen Cookware 5/7 ply on the sides or just the bottom?
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    1. 10/22/2010 11:44 AM Admin wrote:
      Is Amway Queen Cookware better constructed than Vapo-Seal?

      This is a very interesting question that made me have to research the answer.  Interestingly enough Amway does not specify the number of Ply at all.  I quote for the icook specs  "Multi-ply construction with a carbon-steel core for even heat distribution and inner and outer layers of 18/10 surgical-grade stainless steel" 

      It has to be at least 3 ply, but is it 5?  I'm not sure.  The Amway queen is promoted as a "low moisture and stack cookware".  The Vapo-Seal cookware set is a 7ply plate on the bottom and at least 5 up the sides. The Vapo-Seal  knobs do not have a steam control valve, and neither does the Amway Queen (or icook) cookware.

      From what I have read it seems the Amway skillets are not completely stainless steel but do have a non-stick coating on them and are sold with a glass lid.  This will matter to some people who don't want the coating. Amway Queesn (now called icook) cookware also seems to have a slab bottom - Amway says for 92% better heat distribution.

      Price difference is HUGE.  The Amway 5 piece saute set it $436.80 retail.  I have no idea what the 27 piece set would be, probably several thousands of dollars, similar to other direct sales cookware that is demonstrated at fairs and trade shows.

      Vapo-Seal is much more affordable. You can find a 22 piece set for $384.  That's a big difference! CLICK HERE to find the Vapo-Seal set.

      If there is anyone out there reading this blog who has more information on Amway icook cookware I'd love to hear from you.
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  • 11/24/2010 8:22 PM Gloria Mason wrote:
    I would like to buy 2 more lids for my triply saucepans. Do you have a replacement department where I could order these?
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    1. 11/24/2010 11:32 PM Admin wrote:
      Gloria, We review waterless cookware on this site.  You need to know the name of the cookware in order to get the proper lid. Please search your pans to see if you can locate a name, then look for that particular cookware by putting the name in the search box in google. Thanks for looking.
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  • 9/24/2011 7:51 AM matthew gaines wrote:
    Just a heads up, the cookware has 3 ply up the side and they now have a vented(whistle)top and state they are induction ready if you go to the website(discoverwaterlesscooking) they have it on sale now for 349.00
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  • 10/24/2011 9:25 PM MATTHEW wrote:
    I BOUGHT MY POTS from you a while ago,
    and they need refinishing.
    What does it cost to do this? It was
    a 20piece set, but I think the big pot
    is Ok
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    1. 11/21/2011 11:49 PM Admin wrote:
      You need to contact the manufacturer or start with whoever sold you the set. They may be able to direct you.

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  • 1/26/2012 1:30 PM Reiko wrote:
    Could anyone know if you can use Vepo-Seal or Amway icook pans on induction range?

    Thank you!
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    1. 1/27/2012 11:03 AM Admin wrote:
      The new Vaposeal cookware is induction ready.  However a few years ago it was not, so if you have an old set you will have to test it.  The new sets are definitely induction ready.

      I researched icook but found no reference to it being induction ready. In fact, their write ups mention it can be used on gas, electric or ceramic cooktops but specifically leaves off induction.  This leaves me to believe their cookware is not induction ready.

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  • 11/12/2013 8:13 PM Don Bokman wrote:
    I was looking for waterless cookware and came upon this site. After reading all the comments I decided to buy the Vaposeal cookware and opted for the vented lid handles. I have owned them now for about 10 months. The cookware itself is outstanding. Made very strong and the best value in cookware that I have ever purchased. The drawback seemed to be in the vented lid handles. While cooking, steam will escape from the vents even if they are closed. On two occasions both my wife and my grand daughter were burned by steam that condensed in the retractable seal in the lid and dripped into their hand when they lifted the lid. I contacted Vaposeal and they replaced all the lids with regular handles and I returned the vented ones and paid only the return postage (which was ok with me). Now I have never owned a $2000 set of cookware but I can't imagine that they would be that much more superior to this set. We ordered the Waterless Works Combo Special which came with an electric skillet and food prep thingy. I thought the food prep thing was cool but turns out we hardly ever use it. I also thought that the Electric Oil Core Skillet would have been used little but it turns out my wife uses it all the time so go figure. I felt compelled to return to this site and give Vaposeal two big thumbs up. It doesn't take a thousand plus dollars to have a fine quality set of cookware. Hopes this review helps people.
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    1. 11/19/2013 5:33 PM Admin wrote:
      Vaposeal is a good cookware. You don't really need the steam control valves, as the lid will chatter a bit when it needs to be turned down.
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  • 2/19/2014 9:20 PM Gail wrote:
    I recently saw a demonstration of Kitchen Craft waterless cookware at a home show. The cookware seemed to cook very nicely and healthy during the presentation BUT is very expensive (thousands of dollars). How does this cookware compare to Vaposeal cookware? Kitchen Craft also says they are made in USA.
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    1. 2/20/2014 12:03 PM Admin wrote:
       Kitchen Craft Cookware has the 7 ply throughout construction. It is a very well made. It is definitely made in the USA, and is sold directly to the consumer in County Fairs, etc. The company seems now sells some of its cookware directly to the consumers on their web site. You do have to register and it is pricey. Example: a 1 quart saucepot on their website is $409. WOW! That's a small pot for that price. They are not showing sets, you would have to buy that directly from a distributor at the live demo shows.

      Vaposeal is a very good set, and has the 7 ply construction with the impact bonded base. It comes with either plain or steam control knobs. It's easy to tell when the temperature needs to be turned down even if you have a plain knob, because the lid starts to chatter. I have a Vaposeal sauce pan and use it all the time. It works well. Vaposeal will do the job of waterless cooking well for many years. 

      Is it worth the extra price to buy an American Made cookware set?  I personally am not interested in a cookware set that costs as much as a used car, but everyone has to answer it for themselves. Kitchen Craft cookware is excellent cookware that will last for years. It does has a lifetime guarantee.

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